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Saturday Night’s Alright (For Frosting)

Today, a glimpse into a Ten’s glamorous weekend:

I spent last Saturday night on the couch watching a marathon of “48 Hours Mystery” and eating graham crackers with vanilla frosting (from a can) spread on them as a delicious, shameful dessert.



And I wasn’t alone. No one told me marriage would involve inviting someone else into your shameber!

Hey, at least you both enjoyed the frosting and 48 Hours Mystery! Around my house, it’s shame-ber hell as I am forced to endure my husband’s unhealthy obsession with NCIS.



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Secrecy and Shame – Plus 8

An unnamed Ten shares a little schadenfreude with us:

My fiancee and I used to love watching the show Jon and Kate Plus 8, because the little kids were cute and their situation was interesting. Over time, both of us got less comfortable with their materialism, Jon’s immaturity and Kate’s bossiness so we stopped watching (although she will watch it when I am not around).


So now there is all of this drama around Jon stepping out on Kate. Number one, I shamefully read the Us Weekly reports of Jon’s shenanigans. Number two, the new season of Jon and Kate Plus 8 is coming in a few weeks, and I am so excited to see the conflict that emerges between them.

Ooooh…. schadenfreude. It’s so wrong, but it feels so good.

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Two Ladies on the TV

These two shame-ber items are eerily similar to me:

Kathie-Lee Gifford is in my Shame-ber. I love her. I think she’s hugely funny. I have her autobiography, but do not have her CDs… because I have standards! I watch her everyday on the Today show and really want to become her Facebook friend to find out more about her… but am terrified about having other people know about that. Ugh. SHAME!



For some unknown reason I find myself watching the television sitcom Reba way too often. To make it worse, I watch it on Lifetime quite possibly the most girly channel ever. But I cannot get enough of that show, every time I hear the baritone sax intro music I get a little giddy. After watching a few shows in a row my face hurts from smiling so much. So there it is, it’s out in the open I love Reba and yes I am ashamed of it.


Thankfully they were not submitted by the same person… and lest you let your sexist imagination run wild, one was submitted by a man, and the other was submitted by a woman.

Curing gender stereotypes, one shame-ber at a time.

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The Kates

I’m a little late on this (doing some major time-banditry because I was out of town for 10 days), but on April 15 TBTL had a segment about listeners named Kate. Are they all the same person, or do they have distinct personalities? Let’s compare the contents of their shame-bers:

Kate in Greenlake likes to DVR episodes of Millionaire Matchmaker, and also likes to read the Facebook and Flickr profiles of complete strangers. I have to admit that I do the same thing (NOT watching Millionaire Matchmaker – I don’t have time, what with all the AFV I am watching). No, I sometimes find myself completely sucked in to some random stranger’s Flickr page. I will look through their ENTIRE photostream, check out their profile, basically stalk them for over an hour. I wish I could say that I do this because I am an avid photographer and I want to check out their methods and equipment, but really I just like peering through the windows of their life. I actually do like peeking into people’s real windows too, when I am walking down the street. That is creepy.

Kate in Wallingford likes to watch The Girls Next Door (and she even attended an all-women’s college). Don’t let the womyn know!

Kate in Phinney says her shame-ber is shaped like a tent. She likes to go camping and puts on just enough makeup to look beautiful, but not enough so anyone can tell that she is wearing makeup. She admits to taking a picture of herself in this state and posting it to Flickr tagged sans makeup. I couldn’t resist doing a little internet sleuthing and finding this picture (I hope you don’t mind Kate – you said we could find it on your Flickr site!) UPDATE: Here is the correct picture. Thanks Kate.

Finally, Kate in LA was unable to share her shame-ber with us in person, but Luke informed us that she has over 15 human bodies in her house, some without hands. Thanks Luke!

So, let’s compare: two references to Flickr, two bad reality TV shows, and 15 dead bodies. I can’t tell them apart!

Any other Kates out there who want to share?

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Where Would Lauren Conrad Eat?

We have a very special MTV edition of The Shame-ber today.

First off, if you know who Lauren Conrad is, that is borderline Shame-ber material. You’re playing with fire, people!

Anyway, a Ten who lives in the Los Angeles area likes to watch The Hills and then makes a point to eat at the restaurants that are featured on the show.


This type of behavior might be more wide-spread than we think though…. I bet there are some Tens in Seattle who hang out at the Eastlake Azteca in the hopes that some of that TBTL glamour rubs off of them. Am I right?


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Shame-ber Roundup

A quick and dirty roundup of some notable Shame-ber items:

Japan’s #1 mixer has a lukewarm secret lurking in his Shame-ber – barely heating up frozen food when he’s deep in the cups. Well, I guess that’s not a big secret, but it’s Shame-ber worthy nonetheless.

Accacia of Union Suit fame shares three items she is particularly ashamed of: corned beef hash from a can, the music of Shaggy – including his duet with Cyndi Lauper, and CSI: Miami (it’s no NCIS!).

Drinking box wine and enjoying some of Joaquin Phoenix’s early work – before he abandoned acting for his highly successful rap career.

Have a great weekend. RAWR!

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Skanky Commercials

Every city has its own weird brand of commercials. When you visit another city and see these ads, it feels so weird. You’re thinking, “UGH! What stupid commercials! What a low-brow place this must be!” Here in Tenver, we have a used car salesman named Dealin’ Doug who literally shouts and gestures wildly at the camera, while wearing giant gold necklaces and diamond-encrusted rings on every finger. Classy!

Brandon in Seattle has a confession to make about the commercials he used to watch while living in Los Angeles:

We got some of the craziest infomercials, especially on the Spanish language stations. The best were the used car lot commercials. Half hour commercials consisting of crummy cars, big fake boobs, and a language I don’t speak very well. Though I didn’t want to watch, I never could change the channel. These commercials were hypnotic. I’d turn the sound down really low to make sure nobody could hear what I was watching (not that anybody could understand) and sit there and marvel at the sheer amount of nasty, skanky skin jiggling across my Sunday morning television.

He also talks about this on his own blog, and even has pictures. Of course, I had to share at least one with you in the interest of full disclosure:


You’re killing me Larry!!!!

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