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When you love something that is Too Beautiful to Live, you run the risk of having your heart broken.

I have to admit that I always knew this was a possibility, but now that the day is here, it is time for all of us to take stock and recognize the gift we have been given. TBTL has been a friend to me every day since last November, and it will be hard for me to accept the changes that are coming. BUT, I am cautiously optimistic, and I’m not writing this because I think it’s the end – it’s just a good time to show my appreciation.

You know, it’s funny – having worked in radio for 8 years now, I never thought I would never be one of those people who wrote to or called a radio show, but then TBTL came along and it truly changed my life.

Just a few words about Luke, Jen and Sean – how I see them.

Luke, you immediately put me at ease when I was on I Love You Chunk back in December. You have a true gift for relating to people, and you really shine on-air. I love the way you self-deprecate and deprecate others. You’re funny and smart, andI can’t wait to hear more from you!

Jen, you are truly an inspiration to me. From where I stand it seems you are not afraid to live your life the way you want, without worrying what others may think. You have inspired me to embrace parts of myself that I have kept hidden for years, for fear that my friends would think I was a big dork. You are just plain awesome, in my book.

Sean, you’ve made me just about spit out my drink or drive off the road many, many times. I’m always impressed by your quick wit – you make me literally LOL. Honestly, a majority of my favorite moments from the show revolve around something you said or did. More Cooking With Sean please!

I really hope that all three of you will be part of whatever comes next.

I also want to say to my fellow Tens that I have been honored to share this with you. Meeting the Tenverites and Tens from across the land has been one of the best things that has happened to me, and I know that I wouldn’t have met any of you without TBTL. I love you guys, man. *sniff*

Justin and I were discussing the news last night and he said “Well, I guess you guys won’t be Tens anymore.” I said, “No, I will always be a Ten.” He thought for a minute and said, “Well, then I will always be an Eleven.”

No matter what the future may bring, I want to say THANK YOU to Luke, Jen and Sean, and most importantly to my fellow Tens, for making the world a less lonely place. I love you all. RAWR!



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Sean DeTore has come up with a novel way to avoid talking to the janitors at KIRO.

On Air

After all the problems they had with the janitors bursting into the studio when the on-air light was on, Sean realized that he could use the light to keep them from coming in and trying to talk to him when he wasn’t in the mood. Pretending to be on the phone also works…. not that I would know.

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Pop Quiz!

Which of the following is in Jen Andrews’ Shame-ber:

1. Thinking Robert Pattison is so hot, she scours all the tabloids for the latest photos of him, and considered starting her own magazine devoted entirely to him.


2. Is so smitten over Alison Mosshart, she is trying to be more like her. This involves buying the same sunglasses, wearing multiple black bracelets, and letting her hair hang in her face.


3. Lying to bartenders about being “on the road” and having stayed in multiple hotels over the past week. Then getting caught in the lie when she can only come up with the names of two hotels when the bartender asks for details.


Answer: All of the above!

Jen, you make my day when you share the inner workings of your mind. It makes me feel less alone in my weird brain.

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Welcome to The Shame-ber, Mr. Bourdain

On last Friday’s show, Luke asked chef Anthony Bourdain what is in his food Shame-ber, and boy is it glorious:


I also thought it was great that Anthony perfectly described the masthead of The Shame-ber (which is The Unknown Comic) – he said he wears a paper bag over his head when he goes into KFC to order their mac and cheese. HUNGRY FOR THE MAC AND CHEEESE!

Speaking of the masthead, I want to thank Paul for cleaning it up, and making it look more like a sketch artist drawing. RAWR!

The Shame-ber would also like to congratulate Luke Burbank on a successful first pitch at the Mariner’s game last Thursday. There was nothing shameful about that!

Finally, please don’t be shy about submitting your Shame-ber items! Say it with me: “Shame-ber.” Submissions have slowed to a trickle, and I can’t keep this blog going based on my own Shame-ber items alone. If you have submitted an item and it hasn’t appeared yet, don’t panic. I’ve got a few up my sleeve that should be posted later this week.

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The Kates

I’m a little late on this (doing some major time-banditry because I was out of town for 10 days), but on April 15 TBTL had a segment about listeners named Kate. Are they all the same person, or do they have distinct personalities? Let’s compare the contents of their shame-bers:

Kate in Greenlake likes to DVR episodes of Millionaire Matchmaker, and also likes to read the Facebook and Flickr profiles of complete strangers. I have to admit that I do the same thing (NOT watching Millionaire Matchmaker – I don’t have time, what with all the AFV I am watching). No, I sometimes find myself completely sucked in to some random stranger’s Flickr page. I will look through their ENTIRE photostream, check out their profile, basically stalk them for over an hour. I wish I could say that I do this because I am an avid photographer and I want to check out their methods and equipment, but really I just like peering through the windows of their life. I actually do like peeking into people’s real windows too, when I am walking down the street. That is creepy.

Kate in Wallingford likes to watch The Girls Next Door (and she even attended an all-women’s college). Don’t let the womyn know!

Kate in Phinney says her shame-ber is shaped like a tent. She likes to go camping and puts on just enough makeup to look beautiful, but not enough so anyone can tell that she is wearing makeup. She admits to taking a picture of herself in this state and posting it to Flickr tagged sans makeup. I couldn’t resist doing a little internet sleuthing and finding this picture (I hope you don’t mind Kate – you said we could find it on your Flickr site!) UPDATE: Here is the correct picture. Thanks Kate.

Finally, Kate in LA was unable to share her shame-ber with us in person, but Luke informed us that she has over 15 human bodies in her house, some without hands. Thanks Luke!

So, let’s compare: two references to Flickr, two bad reality TV shows, and 15 dead bodies. I can’t tell them apart!

Any other Kates out there who want to share?

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