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Sean DeTore has come up with a novel way to avoid talking to the janitors at KIRO.

On Air

After all the problems they had with the janitors bursting into the studio when the on-air light was on, Sean realized that he could use the light to keep them from coming in and trying to talk to him when he wasn’t in the mood. Pretending to be on the phone also works…. not that I would know.


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Shame-ber Roundup

A quick and dirty roundup of some notable Shame-ber items:

Sean DeTore watched White Chicks – and actually liked it!

This is old news, but Luke Burbank likes the Counting Crows and also revealed that he lurves the Colbie Caillat song Bubbly… It starts in my toes and I crinkle my nose!

One anonymous healthy eater makes secret trips to Jack in the Box (he calls it Jack in the Crack) for their 99 cent tacos and a Jumbo Jack burger. He says that even the people who know him best do not know about this behavior.

Jenn in Fort Wayne, Indiana admits to being excited to see the movie Band Slam.

That’s it! Hope everyone is having a great weekend. RAWR!

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