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Baby Einstein

Today, we have a submission from an anonymous Eleven who needs a little something to help her relax, but unfortunately cannot get fully Tired and Emotional like many of us do:

I really enjoy watching Baby Einstein DVDs when I need to relax. “Baby Mozart” in particular. On repeat. With a shot of Rescue Remedy. And soft snacks nearby. I first noticed the lulling effect when babysitting my niece and “accidentally” kept the DVD at my house. These things might be secretly training my mind to be a killer, like Mugatu’s video in Zoolander, but it’s hard to think critically about my choices when I’m watching hands gently manipulate toys in a black room to the strains of Mozart.

Hey, if Baby Einstein DVDs can make babies smarter, maybe they’ll make you smarter too! Or, maybe you will become an evil genius. Either way, I think your liver will thank you.



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