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The Smell of Shame

What does a shame-ber smell like? Let’s find out:

As I was leaving my building I ran into a guy in the lobby whom I’d never seen before. He was pretty cute, and I’m all “hey!” and he’s all “hey!” and then we walked out the door, went in different directions, and that was it. But I couldn’t help noticing that he smelled–strongly… too strongly–of cK1.


As I said, he was pretty cute, but the cK1 pushed him over the edge to totally hot. Like, I’m-still-thinking-about-him hot. I was more into him because he was wearing (too much) cK1. I mean, what’s next? Drakkar Noir? I’m kinda horrified at myself. and also kinda hoping to run into him again… Shame, shame, shame. I didn’t even know I felt this way until it happened.

Of course, I recognized the cK1 because I wore it. In 1993.

There’s no accounting for scent, I guess. I personally can’t stand the smell of any cologne…. except for Obsession for Men. Why??



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Slip Her a Q

What would you do if you wanted to play Dungeons & Dragons with your friends, but you knew your controlling spouse wouldn’t let you?


About ten years ago my ex-wife had the flu, and it was her practice to just kind of lie comatose when she was ill and wait for the fever to pass. I gave her an extra large dose of NyQuil so she would sleep through the night as so I could sneak out and play Dungeons & Dragons with some friends of mine. In my defense, my ex was a bit selfish of my personal time and pursuits, but that was a very low, left-handed Harold Lauder kind of move on my part. I was 22 years old at the time.

In the spirit of the gender discussion we’ve been having, the game was
hosted by a female college friendo of mine and she thought that move
was pretty awesome and gave me a fistbump (none of my friends liked my first wife).

The shameful thing is though I haven’t rolled the dice in years I
can’t say that I wouldn’t try this bunk move again, though I’d bring
my toddler with me to the game. He could play an ork or something.

First of all, did you just make an obscure Stephen King reference? That gets an awesome because I have a secret love for Stephen King novels.

Second of all, I’m glad you’re not in that relationship any more! Your ex gets a big COME ON! for not letting you play D&D with your friends.

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