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Exclusive! Angels Knee Pillow

The Japanese have created something so groundbreaking (and relevant to The Shame-ber) that I had to share it with the Tens. It’s called “Tenshi no Hizamakura” – or Angels Knee Pillow. I guess Japanese housewives are sick of cleaning up their husbands’ pee droplets, which spray all willy-nilly due to the height at which the deposit is being made, so a Japanese company has invented a product that just might change the world. Check it out:



Frankly, I think the bigger problem here is the crazy angel who is spraying sparkly pee all over the bathroom….. but I digress.

I bring this up as a follow-up to this previous post, concerning male peeing habits. Confidential to our male friend who pees sitting down: Would you be willing to use these Angels Knee Pillows?


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