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Cool Rider

A Eugene Ten sent this gem in:

I have an alarmingly unhealthy obsession with the film “Grease 2.” I own the VHS and CD soundtrack, and I have actually choreographed many of the musical numbers. I can sing every word of every song and I freak out whenever I see one of the actors in another television show or film (i.e. Pamela Adlon from “Californication,” who plays Dolores in the film). My husband is able to endure many things, but this is nearly a deal breaker.

Grease 2

Well, you obviously don’t have fruit-blindness, so I think you guys are going to make it, despite your obsession with Grease 2! I wonder what my husband would think if I started choreographing the songs from Moulin Rouge? Hmmmm…..


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Scholarly Pursuits

Whitney, a Music History Ph.D. student at UW has been spending some serious study time on….


I submitted a paper abstract for a call to papers for the upcoming 2009 Twicon (Twilight conference) about the role of music in the Twilight series and the movie. I’m also writing a paper about the Quileute tribe (the tribe featured in the series) for my ethnic identity and folklore class. And I’m really excited about both! Wow.

Whitney, I could see a “Why It Matters: Twilight Edition” in your future. You should share your knowledge with the Tens!

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Shame-ber Roundup

A quick and dirty roundup of some notable Shame-ber items:

Sean DeTore watched White Chicks – and actually liked it!

This is old news, but Luke Burbank likes the Counting Crows and also revealed that he lurves the Colbie Caillat song Bubbly… It starts in my toes and I crinkle my nose!

One anonymous healthy eater makes secret trips to Jack in the Box (he calls it Jack in the Crack) for their 99 cent tacos and a Jumbo Jack burger. He says that even the people who know him best do not know about this behavior.

Jenn in Fort Wayne, Indiana admits to being excited to see the movie Band Slam.

That’s it! Hope everyone is having a great weekend. RAWR!

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