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Sean DeTore has come up with a novel way to avoid talking to the janitors at KIRO.

On Air

After all the problems they had with the janitors bursting into the studio when the on-air light was on, Sean realized that he could use the light to keep them from coming in and trying to talk to him when he wasn’t in the mood. Pretending to be on the phone also works…. not that I would know.


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Pop Quiz!

Which of the following is in Jen Andrews’ Shame-ber:

1. Thinking Robert Pattison is so hot, she scours all the tabloids for the latest photos of him, and considered starting her own magazine devoted entirely to him.


2. Is so smitten over Alison Mosshart, she is trying to be more like her. This involves buying the same sunglasses, wearing multiple black bracelets, and letting her hair hang in her face.


3. Lying to bartenders about being “on the road” and having stayed in multiple hotels over the past week. Then getting caught in the lie when she can only come up with the names of two hotels when the bartender asks for details.


Answer: All of the above!

Jen, you make my day when you share the inner workings of your mind. It makes me feel less alone in my weird brain.

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I’m Late for the “Bus”

A very anonymous city-dweller shares a really super gem of a Shame-ber item. Oh, this one is SO good:

My boss pays $600 a month for a reserved parking spot in the garage in the building I work in. But he never comes into the office, so I’ve decided to park there until I get caught. But I don’t want my coworkers to know, because they all ride the bus since parking costs are so outrageous, and they would steal my secret or make me share the space. So I pretend I’m going to the bus every day, including saying things like, “I can’t stay a minute more, or I’ll miss my bus.” I also pretend to walk out the building towards an imaginary bus stop until my coworkers are out of sight, then I return to the building, get in my sweet sedan, and cruise home.

Does anyone else have a BIG lie that might qualify for The Shame-ber? Perhaps somebody “volunteers” with kids who have muscular dystrophy?


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