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I Think This is a Man Thing

Ladies, back me up on this. Bruce from Lake Stevens sent in his shame-ber submission, and I have to say that my first reaction was “only a man would do this.”

I would like to add to the shame-ber a sad, shameful “treat.” I will regularly be so lazy that I can’t even make a grilled cheese sandwich the old fashioned way. Now, even regular grilled cheese is not the most glamorous meal… but here is the shame-ber recipe.

Two pieces of bread

Two slices of Kraft American Cheese Food

Place slices between bread (no condiments at all)

Place sandwich on plate.

Microwave for 25 seconds.


That’s it.

Indefensible…. And shameful.

I have known many men who will eat a cold piece of bread right out of the fridge or a plain tortilla and call it a meal. What is up with that? Bruce, at least you are sticking it in the microwave for 25 seconds, but still….. that’s hella janky.

OK, now I will climb down from my shame-ber stallion.



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