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Tweet This!


A little birdie tells us how she uses Twitter to keep tabs on her ex:

My boyfriend and I split up after 5 years, and it would have been amicable, except that I ended it on my terms when he wasn’t ready for us to be completely over. He was all hurt by this, so now we don’t talk at all and he thinks he needs to hold out and never talk to me again. All in all I am fine with this, but I do want to know that he still thinks about me.

He is not on Facebook, but is on Twitter. I am friends with a bunch of our mutual friends on Facebook, so I will write on their wall in the hopes of them telling my ex about them. Then I check his Twitter page to see if he thinks anything about it or will say anything (nice or mean).

This doesn’t work at all, but I am still trying. What got me started was that he did in fact talk smack about me on his Twitter once a long while ago (because I invited our mutual friends to my birthday party but not him), and a friend emailed me his page. This is when the madness began.

Otherwise, I am incredibly happy without him and am much better off. I just want to him think about me sometimes, and I know if he writes things out of anger, it is because he isn’t quite over me.

Uh, yeah…. I wouldn’t know anything about this kind of behavior. They say that living well is the best revenge, but MAN wouldn’t it feel great to know that your ex still thinks about you and has feelings for you? Then the best revenge would be to say “Too bad mofo, you sucked and my life is SO much better without you! HAHAHAHA!!” Not that I have ever wished that I could have the opportunity to say that. I am a mature adult, thank you very much.


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Do All These Friend Requests Make Me Look Cool?

Many people use Facebook as a way to show the world how cool and popular they are, but Patrick of Seattle has found a completely novel way to accomplish this goal:

Whenever I get I friend request, I won’t accept the request; at least not for a while. I’ll wait a week or two until I get about 5 or 6 friend requests just sitting in my inbox. After accumulating said friend requests, I will hang out with one of my friends. While with them, I will log into my Facebook, and make sure they notice the number of friend requests I have. If they say something like “Woah, that’s a lot of friend requests!” I reply nonchalantly “Oh, is that a lot for one day?” If for some reason they don’t notice, I will leave the page open and go to the bathroom in hopes they will snoop on my page and see the numerous friend requests.

FB friends

I hate to break it to you Patrick, but I am guessing that Susie Burbank might have you beat when it comes to quantity of Facebook friend requests. However, you do get the evil genius award for Facebook popularity schemes.

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The Kates

I’m a little late on this (doing some major time-banditry because I was out of town for 10 days), but on April 15 TBTL had a segment about listeners named Kate. Are they all the same person, or do they have distinct personalities? Let’s compare the contents of their shame-bers:

Kate in Greenlake likes to DVR episodes of Millionaire Matchmaker, and also likes to read the Facebook and Flickr profiles of complete strangers. I have to admit that I do the same thing (NOT watching Millionaire Matchmaker – I don’t have time, what with all the AFV I am watching). No, I sometimes find myself completely sucked in to some random stranger’s Flickr page. I will look through their ENTIRE photostream, check out their profile, basically stalk them for over an hour. I wish I could say that I do this because I am an avid photographer and I want to check out their methods and equipment, but really I just like peering through the windows of their life. I actually do like peeking into people’s real windows too, when I am walking down the street. That is creepy.

Kate in Wallingford likes to watch The Girls Next Door (and she even attended an all-women’s college). Don’t let the womyn know!

Kate in Phinney says her shame-ber is shaped like a tent. She likes to go camping and puts on just enough makeup to look beautiful, but not enough so anyone can tell that she is wearing makeup. She admits to taking a picture of herself in this state and posting it to Flickr tagged sans makeup. I couldn’t resist doing a little internet sleuthing and finding this picture (I hope you don’t mind Kate – you said we could find it on your Flickr site!) UPDATE: Here is the correct picture. Thanks Kate.

Finally, Kate in LA was unable to share her shame-ber with us in person, but Luke informed us that she has over 15 human bodies in her house, some without hands. Thanks Luke!

So, let’s compare: two references to Flickr, two bad reality TV shows, and 15 dead bodies. I can’t tell them apart!

Any other Kates out there who want to share?

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