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Movie Store Girl

Ah, the joy and agony of having a crush on someone who works in a store you like to visit:

When I moved to this neighborhood a few months ago I was very excited to find a little movie store just around the corner. One of the first days after I got settled, I walked over to start an account and check the selection out; little did I know it wouldn’t be just movies I’d be checking out (wink-nudge).

I developed a crush on Movie Store Girl the first time I saw her. Typically, I am into somewhat preppy, sorta sporty girls, but believe you me, M.S.G. is not that type. She has dyed dark red hair and tattoos down her arm. Every time I have seen her she’s been wearing a black t-shirt, black jeans, and the sexiest smile I have ever seen. I am guessing she smokes Paul Mall Straights and gulps down her Jack Daniels before the ice starts to melt. One time she told me about her love of horror movies and I had to feign agreement since I got a little jumpy watching Hocus Pocus, I was 24, and it was the Disney Channel edit. I don’t think Match.com would call us a perfect fit, but there is something about her that I am just plain smitten with.

(Yikes – Sarah Jessica Parker’s eyebrows are enough to give me nightmares!)

Just having a crush on M.S.G. is not nearly enough to be shameber worthy, I know, the whole opposites attract thing and all. The fact that I have Netflix opens the door to the shamber though, since I could get any movie I want dropped off in my mailbox. That alone doesn’t quite make it however; sometimes there are movies that I just want to see right now and it isn’t that big of a deal to walk over.

The thing that puts this firmly in my Shame-ber is that sometimes I will stop in to the store, just with the hope that M.S.G. is working, without even particularly wanting to get a movie. If she is there I will ask stupid questions about movies that I have already seen, pretend to be interested in some of the ‘darker’ movies on the shelf (so she thinks I am dark and edgy, like her), generally chat her up a bit and try to get the courage to ask her out without seeming like too much of a creeper. If she isn’t there I will just look around for a minute or two and leave.

I don’t do this every day or even once a week, but every couple of weeks I end up with a movie that I didn’t really want. I think a crush note might be in order (omit the part about renting movies only to see her though). I think I will have to pick up some black construction paper and red markers for this little art project.

I hope this can go in my Shame-ber and not out back in the stalker-shed.

Matthew of the Fremont Tens. RAWR!

I think you should definitely send her a crush note – and please report back to us to let us know how it went! What would you do if she asked you out to see a super scary movie though? I know I couldn’t sit through one of those Saw movies no matter how big my crush was.



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