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Skanky Commercials

Every city has its own weird brand of commercials. When you visit another city and see these ads, it feels so weird. You’re thinking, “UGH! What stupid commercials! What a low-brow place this must be!” Here in Tenver, we have a used car salesman named Dealin’ Doug who literally shouts and gestures wildly at the camera, while wearing giant gold necklaces and diamond-encrusted rings on every finger. Classy!

Brandon in Seattle has a confession to make about the commercials he used to watch while living in Los Angeles:

We got some of the craziest infomercials, especially on the Spanish language stations. The best were the used car lot commercials. Half hour commercials consisting of crummy cars, big fake boobs, and a language I don’t speak very well. Though I didn’t want to watch, I never could change the channel. These commercials were hypnotic. I’d turn the sound down really low to make sure nobody could hear what I was watching (not that anybody could understand) and sit there and marvel at the sheer amount of nasty, skanky skin jiggling across my Sunday morning television.

He also talks about this on his own blog, and even has pictures. Of course, I had to share at least one with you in the interest of full disclosure:


You’re killing me Larry!!!!


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