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The Wheel Weaves as The Wheel Wills

Mummy says:

I know most people have a favorite book and, like your favorite movie or album, you can sit with it every once in a while – enjoying the story even though you know the ending. Usually these books are classics, having stood the test of time. The literature and argot is beautiful and poetic regardless of the storyline.

This book for me is actually a 10,000 page series of TWELVE books. Its an epic work of Proustian proportion, and the worst kind of Sci-Fi/Fantasy. Through it I have learned the name and description of every medieval weapon imaginable. There are hundreds of characters and plot-lines, each more ludicrous than the last. The humor is trite, the romance flat and the dialogue banal. There are monsters, dragons, and magic. You would be hard pressed as a discerning reader to make it through just one of the 700 page books, much less all 12. My shame-ber does not even have room for all the hardcover editions, and it could fit Gravedigger (the awesomest monster truck ever). And yet, my friends, and yet…. I have read the entire series…every single word…no less than 20 times. The real tragedy? In a few weeks, depending on spare time, it will be 21.

Its called the Wheel of Time. I know its shiny, fantastic cover is alluring… but don’t go down that path friend… you’ll never come back.


I did a little research on this series (how could you not – monsters, dragons AND magic??), and found some juicy quotes that will give us all a taste of the wonder:

“Women do not become exhausted, they only exhaust others.”

“May you shelter in the palm of the creators’ hand. May the last embrace of the Mother welcome you home.”

“Life is a dream from which we all must wake before we can dream again.”

“Luck is a horse to ride like no other.”

Indeed, The Wheel weaves as The Wheel wills.



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Scholarly Pursuits

Whitney, a Music History Ph.D. student at UW has been spending some serious study time on….


I submitted a paper abstract for a call to papers for the upcoming 2009 Twicon (Twilight conference) about the role of music in the Twilight series and the movie. I’m also writing a paper about the Quileute tribe (the tribe featured in the series) for my ethnic identity and folklore class. And I’m really excited about both! Wow.

Whitney, I could see a “Why It Matters: Twilight Edition” in your future. You should share your knowledge with the Tens!

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Mrs. Andrews Takes a….

Longtime producer Jen “Flash” Andrews was kind enough to share one of her deepest Shame-ber items with all of us:

I enjoy the fake sequel to Pride and Prejudice.

It’s called Mr. Darcy Takes A Wife and it basically picks up on the night of Darcy and Elizabeth’s wedding. It’s got tons of sex and romance and banter…and I feel super guilty about it, but I love it! One of the Bronte sisters once said (very snarkily) “All of Jane Austen’s books end with a wedding because she doesn’t know what comes next”. Well, if you feel like you need more Darcy lovin’, this book’s for you. But don’t let anyone see it or you will be mocked. You must hide it, like I do, behind my copy of Stephen Colbert’s I Am America (And So Can You).

I have to admit that I’m not a big fan of Pride and Prejudice, but I think I could be a fan of the sequel. Check out the cover:


Oooh la la!! Oh, and I first read the author’s name as “Linda BEDROLL,” which sounds kind of naughty.

Don’t worry Jen, your secret’s safe with Stephen Colbert and the Tens.


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