When you love something that is Too Beautiful to Live, you run the risk of having your heart broken.

I have to admit that I always knew this was a possibility, but now that the day is here, it is time for all of us to take stock and recognize the gift we have been given. TBTL has been a friend to me every day since last November, and it will be hard for me to accept the changes that are coming. BUT, I am cautiously optimistic, and I’m not writing this because I think it’s the end – it’s just a good time to show my appreciation.

You know, it’s funny – having worked in radio for 8 years now, I never thought I would never be one of those people who wrote to or called a radio show, but then TBTL came along and it truly changed my life.

Just a few words about Luke, Jen and Sean – how I see them.

Luke, you immediately put me at ease when I was on I Love You Chunk back in December. You have a true gift for relating to people, and you really shine on-air. I love the way you self-deprecate and deprecate others. You’re funny and smart, andI can’t wait to hear more from you!

Jen, you are truly an inspiration to me. From where I stand it seems you are not afraid to live your life the way you want, without worrying what others may think. You have inspired me to embrace parts of myself that I have kept hidden for years, for fear that my friends would think I was a big dork. You are just plain awesome, in my book.

Sean, you’ve made me just about spit out my drink or drive off the road many, many times. I’m always impressed by your quick wit – you make me literally LOL. Honestly, a majority of my favorite moments from the show revolve around something you said or did. More Cooking With Sean please!

I really hope that all three of you will be part of whatever comes next.

I also want to say to my fellow Tens that I have been honored to share this with you. Meeting the Tenverites and Tens from across the land has been one of the best things that has happened to me, and I know that I wouldn’t have met any of you without TBTL. I love you guys, man. *sniff*

Justin and I were discussing the news last night and he said “Well, I guess you guys won’t be Tens anymore.” I said, “No, I will always be a Ten.” He thought for a minute and said, “Well, then I will always be an Eleven.”

No matter what the future may bring, I want to say THANK YOU to Luke, Jen and Sean, and most importantly to my fellow Tens, for making the world a less lonely place. I love you all. RAWR!



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3 responses to “When you love something that is Too Beautiful to Live, you run the risk of having your heart broken.

  1. April

    I will always be a Ten, too. It’s amazing that an obscure nighttime Seattle radio show was able to create a community like the community that I found through TBTL. For that reason alone, the show was innovative… is innovative. I’m also cautiously optimistic. I can’t cry or be too upset because I know I will get to hear the show on Monday and, perhaps, even a better version of the show. For that, I’m excited, but nervous for the future. I also know that I will continue to spend time with the Tenvers and I take comfort in that as well.

  2. Heather

    You can’t get rid of me, I’ll be a Tenver for life. I remember emailing Jen before I went to my first Tenver event asking if I would be “ten” enough for the Tenvers. She said she was constantly amazed at the great people she met through TBTL, that I would enjoy meeting you all, and you would welcome me. You have, and I’m better for having met you all. TBTL is family.

  3. Matt "LUX"

    I too don’t know how to feel. I love the show and all it’s brought about for us. I can’t wait to hear the podcast, but when I heard Thursday afternoon I felt like I’d been punched in the gut. Like someone I’d known for years had just had something horrible happen to them, and I think that’s was/is the true beauty of TBTL. It’s someone you know. They’re someone you know. I mean I literally remember when I was when I relisten to certain episodes. I literally shared the birth of my child with those guys! It’s been like a friend you know will always be there when you feel like shit to say something funny and cheer you up.

    Over the course of this whole Tenver community I’ve been in contact with Luke, Jen, and Sean very regularly and I still can’t get over how down to earth and approachable they are. I’ve never felt for a minute that “they probably won’t respond because they get a million emails like this a day.” But in reality, they probably DO get a ton of emails just like the one I sent, but for whatever reason they make time for us. For a few weeks straight I was email back and forth with Sean. MP3s, news articles, inappropriatet jokes about taints, he calls it a bonch by the way, and it got the the point where Ang would say, “Who are you emails all these weird files too?” and I’d say, “My friend Sean.” She knew exactly who I meant, and it didn’t seem weird. I mean the guy engineers two shows and he’d email me in between shows on his time. THAT was/is TBTL.

    For at least a year I struggled to figure out a way to define TBTL when I suggested it to a friend and I never could quite put the right words in order, and somehow with TBTL in it’s KIRO form dieing, and how I felt when I heard the news, I knew exactly what TBTL was/is. TBTL is friends. Friends with the host, friends with the fan, and a community for everyone with two ears, an idea, and three house a day to laugh, learn, and grow.

    With the podcast on the horizon I will be out there fighting along with Luke, Jen, and Sean to keep this amazing little thing going. Because somewhere along the way TBTL went from an obscure Seattle nighttime radio show to a community, and that community will never be canceled. It can’t be. The relationships we’ve built, the people we’ve met, it’s all too big and too real to just say, “oh well, show’s over…”

    Mike Frizzel hit the nail on the head. Ad Proximum Convivium…they can’t cancel a community!

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