Attention Nerd Girls!

First of all, please accept my apologies for not updating the blog in almost a month. I’ve been traveling a bit and trying to inhale every bit of summer while it lasts. Oh, who I am kidding? I’ve been sitting on the couch watching NCIS with my husband, and was too ashamed to even show my face on the internet. Hey, did you hear that LL Cool J will be on the NCIS: Los Angeles spin-off?? Suh-weet!

Anyway, friend of the blog Andrew (an honorary Tenverite, due to his time here at the School of Mines) has a love of Star Trek that pretty much blew my mind grapes:

I also managed to complete something else during my studies at the Colorado School of Mines. What brought it to mind was Episode 360 and the “Finding the nerd girl of your dreams” segment. It took nearly three and a half years, but I successfully (or shamefully) watched every single episode of Star Trek. Not just The Original Series (TOS, in Trekkie parlance), but every. single. episode. ever. made. I even have the Netflix rental records to prove it. And the Google Documents Spreadsheet where I tracked my progress.


How much Star Trek is that? Well, there’s The Original Series, The
Original Series movies, the Animated Series (yea, who knew about
that?), The Next Generation, The Next Generation movies, Deep Space 9, Voyager, and Enterprise.

All in all, it’s 737 episodes and movies, totaling some 23 straight
days (and change) to watch them all. Even taking 3.5 years, that’s
about 30 minutes of Star Trek a day for over 1200 days.

And that’s my secret.

I wonder if this also explains why I don’t have a girlfriend?

Oh, and I almost forgot. My phone number is a vanity number…the last four digits, 1701…the registry number for the USS Enterprise.

And I own a Star Trek uniform that probably doesn’t fit anymore.

You heard him, geek girls – he’s single – and my sources tell me he’s got a killer bachelor pad in the Green Lake neighborhood!



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5 responses to “Attention Nerd Girls!

  1. April "Fugly" InspectorLuv

    RAWR! I can’t say I’m that devoted to Star Trek, but I love the Next Generation. I really want to watch that series all over again… so, thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Ella

    After listening to that episode, I had to laugh. Though, I saw the Star Trek movie that was released a few months ago, and I wanted to go on the same tangent – watching all the episodes. I got through the first season on Netflix, and the rest are in my queue so I’m still working on it. But, kudos for getting through them all. That’s…one major feat I probably won’t manage by the time I’m 30.

  3. Matt

    Man, you’re dedicated! We tried watching all the old Star Trek movies prior to the release of the new Star Trek movie and we made it through about an hour of the first movie and couldn’t finish watching it! You’re truly a man with will-power!

  4. zintradi

    That, My freinds is a true devoted trekkie.
    The only thing that would make him more of a trekkie is if he had a klingon costume complete with makeup and know how to properly apply the ridges to make them look authentic and if he spoke klingon along with it and could utter a few words in Vulcan. Live long and prosper…

    Oh and I’ve done the same thing, but with Stargate sg-1 and atlantis… I am married however, and it was my wife thatt bought me the season sets.

  5. female trekkie

    I’m married, but I’m sure there are other trekkie women out there for you.

    Incidentally, my husband is not a trekkie. He’s a good sport and will watch it with me when he’s around, but he’s not any kind of die hard fan or anything.

    There’s someone out there for everyone, even you.

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