My entry is based upon my train ride today from London to Glasgow. While I was on the train, we would stop at various places and pick up new passengers. When on a long train ride like this one, it is really nice to have two seats to yourself. And as I am Indian, I am pretty brown-skinned. So when new passengers get on the train, I start bobbing my head up and down and mumbling, figuring people will think I am Muslim and, because of many people’s prejudice, a terrorist. And the fact of the matter is that I had an extra seat for all six hours.

Since I’m a boring-looking white girl, the only way I’d be able to pull a move like this is if I sat there picking my nose and eating it. *Sigh* That’s why I always have to share my seat on the light rail.



Filed under The Shame-ber

4 responses to “Terrorist

  1. Matt "LUX"

    I LOVE THIS! I do stuff like this all the time because when someone sits next to me on the bus a little piece of my heart dies!

  2. LBH

    Yep, that’s my husband. rawr!

  3. Cornhole

    I’ve always wanted to get on a bus with only one person sitting on it… and then sit down next to that person.

  4. splee

    So wrong on so many levels…and yet…so right.

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