Movie Store Girl

Ah, the joy and agony of having a crush on someone who works in a store you like to visit:

When I moved to this neighborhood a few months ago I was very excited to find a little movie store just around the corner. One of the first days after I got settled, I walked over to start an account and check the selection out; little did I know it wouldn’t be just movies I’d be checking out (wink-nudge).

I developed a crush on Movie Store Girl the first time I saw her. Typically, I am into somewhat preppy, sorta sporty girls, but believe you me, M.S.G. is not that type. She has dyed dark red hair and tattoos down her arm. Every time I have seen her she’s been wearing a black t-shirt, black jeans, and the sexiest smile I have ever seen. I am guessing she smokes Paul Mall Straights and gulps down her Jack Daniels before the ice starts to melt. One time she told me about her love of horror movies and I had to feign agreement since I got a little jumpy watching Hocus Pocus, I was 24, and it was the Disney Channel edit. I don’t think would call us a perfect fit, but there is something about her that I am just plain smitten with.

(Yikes – Sarah Jessica Parker’s eyebrows are enough to give me nightmares!)

Just having a crush on M.S.G. is not nearly enough to be shameber worthy, I know, the whole opposites attract thing and all. The fact that I have Netflix opens the door to the shamber though, since I could get any movie I want dropped off in my mailbox. That alone doesn’t quite make it however; sometimes there are movies that I just want to see right now and it isn’t that big of a deal to walk over.

The thing that puts this firmly in my Shame-ber is that sometimes I will stop in to the store, just with the hope that M.S.G. is working, without even particularly wanting to get a movie. If she is there I will ask stupid questions about movies that I have already seen, pretend to be interested in some of the ‘darker’ movies on the shelf (so she thinks I am dark and edgy, like her), generally chat her up a bit and try to get the courage to ask her out without seeming like too much of a creeper. If she isn’t there I will just look around for a minute or two and leave.

I don’t do this every day or even once a week, but every couple of weeks I end up with a movie that I didn’t really want. I think a crush note might be in order (omit the part about renting movies only to see her though). I think I will have to pick up some black construction paper and red markers for this little art project.

I hope this can go in my Shame-ber and not out back in the stalker-shed.

Matthew of the Fremont Tens. RAWR!

I think you should definitely send her a crush note – and please report back to us to let us know how it went! What would you do if she asked you out to see a super scary movie though? I know I couldn’t sit through one of those Saw movies no matter how big my crush was.



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3 responses to “Movie Store Girl

  1. Matt

    I think you should just do a shot, psych yourself up and go in and just say, “Look, you seem cool. You’re cute, and I want to go get a drink with you!” Being a tattooed artsy fart dude I deal with a lot of tattooed artsy fart girls…hell, my wife is a tattooed artsy fart girl, and directness helps! I’m sure she thinks you’re at least interesting because she chats with you. I know that people of our age are quick to blow people off if they don’t at least think they’re interesting, so you have that going for you! Anyway, good luck man. Just go for it. Worst case scenario she says no and you don’t have to deal with the local movie store which it seems like you kinda just frequent to see her. Keep us posted on this!

  2. Max the cat

    I thought this was a cute story but was definitely not shame-ber worthy. Lots of guys do goofy things because they are crushing on girls. If you got fake tattoos and bragged about them to her, that would be shame-berific. Frankly, I think that would likely work. Perhaps one of the Devil’s Rejects?

  3. Cornhole

    Hooray for the customer service crush! I’m currently harboring a crush on the receptionist at my physical therapist’s office. If I deliberately injure myself in an attempt to see her more often, I will definitely submit it to the shameber.

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