We interrupt this blog for an important message

Thank you for visiting The Shame-ber! Before you leave a comment, please take this handy quiz:

1. Are you a troll?
2. Do you hate women, and like to find any opportunity to degrade them in a public setting?
3. Do you take life a little too seriously?
5. Do you like to bait people into having pointless political debates?
6. Are you trying to sell me something?
7. Do you use the Cyrillic alphabet?
8. Do you not understand the concept of The Shame-ber?

If you answered “YES!” to any of the questions above, this is not the blog for you. Don’t bother wasting your time by commenting here – your comments will be deleted, will never ever see the light of day, and I will find your mother and tell her all the nasty things you say.

If, however, you have something to add, please do comment! I’m not trying to say that every comment has to be full of unicorns and rainbows, but I do feel strongly that this should be a judgment-free zone. This is the Shame-ber! People submit things that they are ashamed of – sometimes just a little bit, sometimes very deeply. Good-natured teasing is usually fine, but we don’t need the morality police here. And we don’t need whatever it is that those Russian people keep posting comments about either.

Carry on.



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2 responses to “We interrupt this blog for an important message

  1. Matt

    Well said chica. GD trolls!

  2. Cornhole

    Why do you have to hate on the Russians? I bought some V!@gR@ from one of them, and it’s working great. (By which I mean that both of my legs have gone completely numb, and my right eyeball keeps falling out. But at least these aren’t sugar pills.)

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