Let Him Eat Cake

This isn’t exactly Shame-ber material because the person involved didn’t knowingly engage in this behavior, and probably wouldn’t make a habit of it if he had been aware of it – HOWEVER, it was too funny to keep to hidden in the hallowed stacks of The Shame-ber:

It happened at a work birthday party. The big boss (let’s call him Al) was there, casually leaning against the wall eating his cake.

A worker bee (let’s call him John) was also eating cake, sitting at a table near Al. John had just taken a bite of cake when he sneezed. His sneeze propelled a tiny bit of cake onto Al’s pant leg, just above the knee. John was horrified that Al would notice and be horrified too. Well, let me say here that Al was not known for being observant of “the real world around him”. Al happened to look down about a second after John sneezed and, seeing a bit of cake on his leg, snatched it up with his finger and ate it. John almost passed out when he saw this.





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2 responses to “Let Him Eat Cake

  1. Matt

    THIS…IS…AWESOME! (RAWR!) Whoever John is, give yourself a high 5,000,000! That story just brightened my day!

  2. Lance

    Double RAWR, very dang funny. It figures the boss would finally notice something.

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