I Just Can’t Stop Listening to You

One of the dangers of listening to radio shows other than TBTL:

I am a complete and total liberal in every way. Every now and then, I like to check in with the right wing radio shows. I play a game to see how long I can listen before I lose it, start screaming at the radio, and have to shut it off. I usually don’t last very long. I enjoy the aggravation that this produces. On Thursday night, I decided to listen to right winger Mark Levin’s radio show. He’s usually good for some aggravation! I found out that Michael Jackson had died from Mark Levin. Ouch! I wasn’t a Michael Jackson fan, and I didn’t feel anything other than surprise at the news, but now Mark Levin is now permanently tied to this event for me.

mj tiger

When my entire family went to see Michael Jackson during his Thriller tour and left me at home with a babysitter, I wore one of my mom’s rubber gloves on one hand all night so I could feel like I was sharing the experience with them in some small way.



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2 responses to “I Just Can’t Stop Listening to You

  1. Mom

    Alternative rubber glove uses were common in my family, too. One of us was scared of Fourth of July sparkler burns and always donned them before waving the festive yet frightening torchettes. Is this shame-ber by proxy material?

  2. Robin

    Yup, that was me too! I was just telling Justin about my fear of sparkler burns last night. I think you have a picture of me wearing the gloves and holding a sparkler.

    And I’m still kind of scared of sparklers.

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