Welcome Buzzfeeders!

Hello, and welcome to The Shame-ber. Look around, make yourself at home…. this is a judgment-free zone. You may find that you have a lot in common with us.

The Shame-ber started on the Seattle-based radio show Too Beautiful To Live (TBTL), and I have created this site as a home for all things Shame-ber-worthy. If you’ve got a secret obsession or behavior that you wouldn’t want God (Buddha, Allah, Jebus, etc….) or your neighbors to see you indulge in, please share!

One thing to remember: we’re not necessarily looking for your average, run-of-the-mill guilty pleasures (aka listening to ABBA), we’re looking for seriously deep, embarrassing behaviors (aka listening to ABBA while ritualistically plucking out all of your toe hairs). So if you want to join us in The Shame-ber, please send your submissions.


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One response to “Welcome Buzzfeeders!

  1. Matt

    Congrats Shame-ber!

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