Call Your Dad!

Fellow Tens, it’s time to look into the serious side of The Shame-ber. This submission broke my heart a little:

As the years have rolled by and I find myself getting older I have started to realize that I don’t make enough effort to keep in touch with family and friends. Sometimes I go weeks without calling my parents or brother. I guess part of me has always thought I should call more but it wasn’t until my brother pointed it out rather bluntly that it really struck me. I am an asshole with it. I have great friends I haven’t spoke to in years. I guess I could justify it because they don’t call me either, but is that good enough?

A number of years ago my grandfather passed away. Every Thanksgiving the family would meet up for a sort of family reunion. Well, I was in college and fairly broke at the time and didn’t feel I could make it down this year. In January I got a call that he had passed. I never got to see him that last time before he died and I have seriously kicked myself for it ever since. I am sure I could have made it down there that last time. I could have asked my parents for gas money or something. Anyway, I am still kicking myself for it and swore it wouldn’t happen like that again.

Even with this history hanging over my head I still don’t make the efforts I should to keep in touch. That is shameful. Life is too short to let the folks around you die without taking every chance you can to let them know you love them.

I think this serves as a good reminder today – Father’s Day – to call the ones we love. Do it now. And consider this my phone call to all of you Tens (and Elevens) out there – I love you guys, man!


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