Here’s My Sweet Music, Let’s Freaking Party

Now that summer’s here, it’s time to indulge in a Shame-ber item that I’m sure many of us share:

When I’m driving around town and the weather is nice, I make sure to roll down my windows and blast the coolest indie rock I own (i.e. Built to Spill, MGMT). I want the masses to know how awesome I am (RAWR!) and what good taste I have.


If I really want to listen to NPR or sing along with my Cat Stevens Greatest Hits CD, I keep the windows rolled up and the AC on. Maybe the fact that I listened to musicals in high school (i.e. Phantom of the Opera, Cats), I feel the need to overcompensate by showing off my vastly improved music taste to the world. Take that, Cate Blanchett.


Well, I do love Cat Stevens, but I might not roll down the window when I was singing along with “Morning Has Broken.” However, since I work in public radio, it is practically required that I blare All Things Considered on my drive home (when I’m not listening to TBTL, that is).


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