Good Canine Citizen

Have a dog, but don’t like picking up its poop? Take note:

Whenever I walk my dog I carry a plastic bag. This bag is not to pick up the pooh, just so I can pretend to pick up the pooh if there’s anyone around watching me. What makes it worse is that I took my dog to obedience classes, and he was (well, we were) awarded a “Good Canine Citizen” certificate. One of the oaths you have to take recieve the award is that “you will always clean up after your canine,” which I did for about a month and never again.


Next time you’re tempted to do this, just remember that every time you don’t pick up after your dog, Luke Burbank loses a hand of Texas Hold Em poker.


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One response to “Good Canine Citizen

  1. splee

    Ha! I was hiking recently in a state park. Down by the parking lot, was a nicely bagged piece of poo. Near as I can figure, the dog owners picked it while on the trail, then brought it all the way back to the parking lot only to throw it on the ground. Weird. Why not just leave it in the woods?

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