It Fills the Cracks of the Heart

Although the loyal Ten who submitted this (we’ll call him “No Way in Hell May You Use My Name”) made a reference to cars in his submission, I’m substituting a similar reference because it gives me the perfect opportunity to quote one of my favorite poets, Kenneth Koch:

You want a social life, with friends.

A passionate love life and as well

To work hard every day. What’s true

Is of these three you may have two

And two can pay you dividends

But never may have three.

Apparently, so it goes if you are devotee of World of Warcraft:

With World Of Warcraft (called “WoW” from here on out): There is a successful job, a happy romance life, and a totally kick ass WoW character… Pick two.

So anyway, No Way in Hell May You Use My Name (called “NWIHMYUMN” from here on out), is playing WoW, chatting with the other players on Voice Over IP, when what to his wondering ears should appear? A song by Chromeo. The song that is now the theme song of his Shame-ber.

Next thing I know, this song that I later found out was called “Fancy Footwork” came as pure as PVP (Shame-ber translation = Player vs. Player) ambrosia over my speakers. So this horrible/perfect song comes over the speakers, the nerds on vent (Shameber translation = Ventrilo, the Voice Over IP program) fall silent, and we all just share 3 or so perfect minutes of PVP together. Keys fly, alliance noobs (ST = newbies) are face melted, my rogue (a bald female orc btw) is taking on two at a time, just smashing noobs, causing the alliance kiddies to just sit back and /picard (ST = no translation available) at the local GY (ST = grave yard). I am a raiding toon (ST = a character in WOW) on a pvp server, sure I can smash faces, but it is not my build, or my desire. However god damn Chromeo makes the killer come out in my character, sigh.

Hmm…. even with my translations, I’m not quite sure I can grasp this scenario. Luckily, our Ten has let go of the past, picked the love life and the career, and now everything is all rainbows and puppy dogs. Or is it?

My Shame-ber is full of Chromeo to this day. I have special head phones that are molded to my inner ear (thus allowing no sound to escape) that I wear for pretty much only two things: 1) playing TBTL podcasts when I am on my motorcycle 2) rocking out to Chromeo on my iPhone and making damn sure that not a single NOTE leaks out.





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3 responses to “It Fills the Cracks of the Heart

  1. April aka InspectorLuv aka Fugly

    HAHAHA! I didn’t understand most of that, but the picture alone is priceless… I am so googling this song. Robin you do such an excellent job introducing the items in our Shame-bers. Muchisimas gracias!

  2. Robin

    Aw, thanks April. This was a tough one, as I don’t understand the WoW terminology…. but hey, this week is all about learning new languages, so I just face melted the heck out you noobs and /picarded your asses. Es un gran tiempo deser una mujer en America!

  3. Matt

    What’s wrong with Chromeo? I think it’s pretty good.

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