The Smell of Shame

What does a shame-ber smell like? Let’s find out:

As I was leaving my building I ran into a guy in the lobby whom I’d never seen before. He was pretty cute, and I’m all “hey!” and he’s all “hey!” and then we walked out the door, went in different directions, and that was it. But I couldn’t help noticing that he smelled–strongly… too strongly–of cK1.


As I said, he was pretty cute, but the cK1 pushed him over the edge to totally hot. Like, I’m-still-thinking-about-him hot. I was more into him because he was wearing (too much) cK1. I mean, what’s next? Drakkar Noir? I’m kinda horrified at myself. and also kinda hoping to run into him again… Shame, shame, shame. I didn’t even know I felt this way until it happened.

Of course, I recognized the cK1 because I wore it. In 1993.

There’s no accounting for scent, I guess. I personally can’t stand the smell of any cologne…. except for Obsession for Men. Why??



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5 responses to “The Smell of Shame

  1. April aka InspectorLuv aka Fugly

    My mom found my old bottle of cK1 from the mid 90s and now wears it occasionally. The first time I noticed it, I didn’t quite recognize the smell because it had been so long since I had worn it.It’s very odd for me to smell it in the room and not be wearing it myself.

  2. Mm, I love that stuff. I had a crush on a boy in high school who wore Cool Water. Once in a while I’ll catch a whiff, and it’s a total flashback.

    Even weirder, though – my other big sensory cue from high school is Obsession. One of my good friends, a guy whom I sort of had a thing for, wore it. So walking past someone wearing Obsession is weird enough. But the last couple of times I’ve been to my mom’s house, she’s had this air freshener in the kitchen that smells EXACTLY like Obsession. The whole weekend, every time I walk through the kitchen I think of this guy, whom I haven’t seen in almost ten years. Also, that’s a really weird smell for a kitchen.

  3. Matt

    Smells totally take me back!

    It’s quasi off subject, but since Jaime spun it there I’ll run with it.

    When I smell the rubber smell of new shoes I’m immediately launched back to 4th grade when I saved up my summer lawn mowing money and bought a pair of the original Reebok Pumps. They stunk of rubbery smell, but sort of in a good way because they made me feel cool! Sometimes when I drive through Commerce City (the crappy industrial area of Denver) I smell that rubber smell and am like, “Ahhhh, short lived 4th grade coolness…”

  4. I went through a stage where I really loved CK1, and wore it all the time. I think it was slightly cheaper than Tresor, which was my big splashy perfume indulgence of choice when I was broke and depressed in college. (Thank you, Bon card with insanely high credit limit!) I like the lemony smell of CK1. But since I’m a female type person, I don’t know if I would like it on a man. That would be weird.

  5. Robin

    I actually used to buy Obsession for Men shampoo because I loved the smell so much….. Although, I agree that it’s not a good smell for a kitchen. I also loved Tresor! I couldn’t afford it, so I would save the samples that came in fashion magazines.

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