Saturday Night’s Alright (For Frosting)

Today, a glimpse into a Ten’s glamorous weekend:

I spent last Saturday night on the couch watching a marathon of “48 Hours Mystery” and eating graham crackers with vanilla frosting (from a can) spread on them as a delicious, shameful dessert.



And I wasn’t alone. No one told me marriage would involve inviting someone else into your shameber!

Hey, at least you both enjoyed the frosting and 48 Hours Mystery! Around my house, it’s shame-ber hell as I am forced to endure my husband’s unhealthy obsession with NCIS.



Filed under The Shame-ber

3 responses to “Saturday Night’s Alright (For Frosting)

  1. Matt

    I love 48 Hour Mystery! Something appeals to me about exposes involving horrific true crime!

  2. Dude, if the icing sandwiches weren’t *dinner*, this is barely internet worthy.

  3. April aka InspectorLuv aka Fugly

    I totally ate leftover frosting from the tub as a kid… I haven’t made a packaged cake in awhile, so I haven’t experienced this shame lately. I am salivating at the thought, though.

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