Do All These Friend Requests Make Me Look Cool?

Many people use Facebook as a way to show the world how cool and popular they are, but Patrick of Seattle has found a completely novel way to accomplish this goal:

Whenever I get I friend request, I won’t accept the request; at least not for a while. I’ll wait a week or two until I get about 5 or 6 friend requests just sitting in my inbox. After accumulating said friend requests, I will hang out with one of my friends. While with them, I will log into my Facebook, and make sure they notice the number of friend requests I have. If they say something like “Woah, that’s a lot of friend requests!” I reply nonchalantly “Oh, is that a lot for one day?” If for some reason they don’t notice, I will leave the page open and go to the bathroom in hopes they will snoop on my page and see the numerous friend requests.

FB friends

I hate to break it to you Patrick, but I am guessing that Susie Burbank might have you beat when it comes to quantity of Facebook friend requests. However, you do get the evil genius award for Facebook popularity schemes.


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One response to “Do All These Friend Requests Make Me Look Cool?

  1. April aka InspectorLuv aka Fugly

    Love the graphics on this site, Robin.

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