Two Ladies on the TV

These two shame-ber items are eerily similar to me:

Kathie-Lee Gifford is in my Shame-ber. I love her. I think she’s hugely funny. I have her autobiography, but do not have her CDs… because I have standards! I watch her everyday on the Today show and really want to become her Facebook friend to find out more about her… but am terrified about having other people know about that. Ugh. SHAME!



For some unknown reason I find myself watching the television sitcom Reba way too often. To make it worse, I watch it on Lifetime quite possibly the most girly channel ever. But I cannot get enough of that show, every time I hear the baritone sax intro music I get a little giddy. After watching a few shows in a row my face hurts from smiling so much. So there it is, it’s out in the open I love Reba and yes I am ashamed of it.


Thankfully they were not submitted by the same person… and lest you let your sexist imagination run wild, one was submitted by a man, and the other was submitted by a woman.

Curing gender stereotypes, one shame-ber at a time.


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One response to “Two Ladies on the TV

  1. eww. i love shame-ber and i love everyone for sharing but Reba… that’s a new low. not that i’m any better, but that one is a special kind of tacky.

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