What Makes a Man a Man?

The next item for our shame-ber brings up gender issues. I received this from an anonymous Ten, and this is serious stuff, folks:

My secret shames is one that calls into question my very masculinity. This is something I have never admitted to anyone, nor ever will (except anonymously), and that is … I am a man, and I sit to pee. Well, at least at home I do. In public I always stand. And while I don’t feel shame while I’m actually doing it, sitting to pee, that is (it’s sort of a natural thing to do now), the thought of someone I know finding out that I do it fills me with real shame and fear, not the kind of fake shame that someone gets when a friend finds out Mmm-bop is on their ipod. Oh, and far as why I do sit (at least at home), this email has forced me to think about it, and I think it basically comes down to cleanliness. I’m curious, are there any other men out there reading this that would be willing to come out of the (water) closet and admit they sit to pee?


Any other men who are willing to admit to this? And what does everyone think? Does this make you less of a man? I personally think it would be awesome to be able to pee standing up…. but I don’t like the idea of using a urinal, so that might force me into the stalls anyway.



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5 responses to “What Makes a Man a Man?

  1. Kari Harlan

    Congratulations! You are not alone and you’ve made a lot of mothers happy.

    I bought a book for my uncle “Think You’re the Only One? Oddball Groups Where Outsiders Fit In” by Seth Brown and it has a group: Mothers Against Peeing Standing Up (MAPSU).

    You should look at their website: http://www.mapsu.org/

    I hope this helps you feel proud of your decision to pee sitting down.

    As an aside, my husband told me when our mutual friend has to do #1 & #2 he has to stand to pee and sit poop. My husband and the other men I know do both sitting down on combo trips to the potty.

  2. meganc

    Women appreciate the neatness factor. Sit on!

  3. Sho'nuff the Shogun

    The Shame-ber is rawr. Wow, this is great…but I’m the exact opposite in that I almost always pee standing up. Even if I have a need for a 1&2 I’ll 1up then 2down. Hmmm….why? I guess because I grew up in a house of full of women with an open door urinary policy and other uncomfortable idiosyncrasies so peeing while erect (as is common with post-pubescent wake-up pees),well, this was my way of fighting off the estrogen. Sure it might be infused with a touch of homophobia, but when it came to my right to be a man I was making a stand.

  4. April aka InspectorLuv aka Fugly

    I’m a women, so I wouldn’t know from personal experience. However, I dated someone who did this and my friend says her dad does it out of respect for her mother (since her mother does the cleaning). He thinks it makes it easier for her. I completely agree- it makes sense when faced with a porcelain bowl. If you’re camping or something… sure, stand up.

  5. Matt

    I think peeing sitting down is a little weird, but April’s comment touched off a thought…peeing outside is AWESOME! RAWR When I was a kid I used to pee in the backyard even if I could have easily just peed in the house. I don’t know why, but any time I can pee outside I feel this sense of accomplishment! It’s like me dominating nature to the point that I am indeed making water all over it! Take that earth!

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