Drunk Shopping Gone Horribly Wrong!

Another anonymous Ten wrote to spill the contents of his Shame-ber:

Sometimes, when I’m in drinks, I like to shop. Since I’ve moved to the big city, it’s not as bad…I can always return the items to the 24 hour Wal-Mart the next day, as long as I don’t open the entire collector’s series of “Three’s Company” while I’m wasted.

Before this Ten moved to the big city, he had to fall back on online shopping to curb this drunken craving. One morning, he woke up with a splitting headache and a bad feeling in the pit of his stomach.

I knew I went on a spending spree, but wasn’t sure what I had attempted to buy. Thankfully, nothing out of the ordinary appeared on my bank account. I had purchased a DVD of the band “Live: Live in Amsterdam”, thinking I had purchased “Coldplay: Live in Amsterdam.” I caught that in time to cancel the order.

Although he’d found and canceled this drunken transaction, he still felt uneasy.

But still…there was something out there. Something I had tried to buy or had bought. Looking through my e-mails, I found something that read to the effect:

“The credit card you used to purchase tickets for “Celine Dion Live in Las Vegas: A New Day” has been declined. Please contact your bank or use a different card to complete this transaction.”


Celine! WHY????

I was going to Vegas in a few months and wanted to see a show but…why this show? The only thing I can think of as to why I tried to buy a ticket is that I love technical shows, but hate Celine. Still baffled by it and stayed in my shameber until now. I’m just relieved the card I used didn’t have enough money on it to complete the transaction, although, if I would have seen the show it would have been another great story.

Well, anonymous drunk shopper, I will quote the words of Celine Dion to you:
“There is some love that will not go away….”
At least until you sober up the next morning!



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4 responses to “Drunk Shopping Gone Horribly Wrong!

  1. Matt

    I used to do this sort of thing, but not when I’d been drinking! I would do this when I was in a slightly different, slightly smokier state of tired and emotional! I have LITERALLY spent $20 on Taco Bell tacos that I then went home and devoured while watching Adult Swim and chuckling to myself!

  2. Robin

    I think drinking (or indulging in other things) + fast food will prove to be a common theme in The Shame-ber. We already know of Luke Burbank’s proclivity for drinking, buying Wendy’s, and hiding in the bathroom!

  3. Jason

    You know what really frosts my buns? We ALL love fast food after drinking, but you’re not supposed to drive. But the only thing open late at night is the drive-thru. And if you ride your bike through it, they call the cops! Ugh! I feel like they promote drinking and driving! Sorry but…that frustrates me!
    I’m down with the Bell and Wendy’s, and $20 is a pretty common tab…it’s real fun when you blackout and wake out in a sea of wrappers. Not that I’ve ever done that.

  4. Robin

    I agree, Jason. I think in NYC you can actually get fast food delivered to your apartment – crazy!

    I’ve seen some people going through the drive-thru at Taco Bell on Capitol Hill around 2 am who definitely should not have been driving. One time a guy kept passing out behind the wheel, and every time the line started moving forward, the people in the car behind him had to get out and go knock on his window to wake him up. That gets a “Come ON!” for sure.

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