Blind Item!

Which Ten has a secret lurking in his iPod??

This Ten is a hardcore metalhead, but sometimes he feels a burning desire that only one man can satisfy. You’ll usually find his playlists populated with this:




But if you dig deep into the bowels of his iPod, you’ll find these two gems:



In this Ten’s own words, “The man can build a funky ass pop song! Sure he’s not screaming from the bowels of his lungs, nor is there a blast beat that will melt your face, but when he sings “Senorita I feel for you…” I can’t help but sing along!”

Let’s all sing along:
“You can feel this real love if you just lay in my ahhh ahhh arms!!!” Aw yeah, baby.



Filed under The Shame-ber

4 responses to “Blind Item!

  1. And for a subchamber of this shame-ber – the fact that this information is kind of damn attractive to me.

  2. Jason

    As someone who has both ABBA and Nine Inch Nails (don’t care what people say, I’m a HUGE fan) on his iPod, I will not critique Matt’s selections. And hey, if The Black Crows can be considered grunge, why can’t JT be in the same classifications as Lamb of God?

  3. Robin

    D’oh! I guess this blind item wasn’t too hard to figure out after all!

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