Crime Television

My husband Justin, a steadfast Eleven, has been kind enough to share an item from his Shame-ber with us.

He tends to get deeply addicted to random movies or TV shows…. For example, when we first moved in together, I would come home from class and catch him watching Dodgeball – several times a week. He couldn’t get enough of it!

Now he’s got a new addiction:


It crept up slowly. An episode here, an episode there. I’d come home from work, hear the super-dramatic music and cheesy dialogue and say “What the hell are you watching??” NCIS, it’s always NCIS. He longs to watch the marathon sessions on USA, but I inevitably come home from work and the shame forces him to change channels.

I take comfort in knowing that he will soon tire of this addiction and move on to another show. I have caught him watching The Real Housewives of Orange County a couple of times recently…..


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  1. random person

    whats wrong with NCIS? o.O

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